Organization and Evaluation Office


The Organization and Evaluation Office supports the Director and the General Secretary for activities related to organization and evaluation.


Main activities

-Preparation of systems and of evaluation. Support for the preparation of the strategic plan and the performance plan. Management of the evaluation processes of the technical and administrative staff and the performance cycle.
-Support to the Evaluation Team, also in relation to performance measurement.
-Management of the technical-administrative activities related to the Quality assurance system of the SNS and management of the initial and periodic accreditation processes of the SNS. Support to the Quality Praesidium.
-Statistical services and data processing from ministerial databases.
-Management of activities related to the identification of good practices and their comparison between universities, with particular reference to the evaluation of costs incurred for the provision of services.
-Measurement of the perceived quality of services through customer satisfaction questionnaires addressed to the end users of the services themselves. Detection of organizational well-being.
-Analysis, collection and preparation of data for the participation of the SNS in the periodical international rankings.
-Organizational monitoring of the SNS structures. Support to the processes of rationalization of the organizational structures.
-Definition of organizational positions and relative weighting and provisions relating to work groups or projects.
-Support to the programming and recruitment of the PTA also aimed at optimizing the management of the workforce.
-Management of the training of technical and administrative staff: identification of training needs, planning and implementation of courses (in house and externally), planning and implementation of the plan of joint training initiatives with other universities.
-Management of incoming non-curricular internships at the SNS structures.
-Management of trade union relations with the OO.SS and with the R.S.U. Support to the Delegation of the public side in the supplementary phase: preparation of the platform, formalization of supplementary contracts, including the mandatory obligations and their implementation.
-Management of processes related to trade union prerogatives (assemblies and strikes), including mandatory communications.
-Relations with the Board of Auditors for matters relating to the supplementary phase, ARAN, the Department of Public Administration and the Department for Equal Opportunities.
-Administrative support to the CUG  (meetings, support in the implementation of positive actions, in particular those related to work and family reconciliation measures).
-Administrative support activities for the Delegate for disability.