The budget and accountancy service


The  service manages the budget and accountancy of the Normale by the processing of the documents specified by prevailing law, management of the accounting processes, monitoring and analysis of the economic values (returns and costs) and of the financial values (income and outflow).
It manages the fulfilment of fiscal obligations linked to IVA (VAT) and to income declaration (tax returns) and of all legal and ministerial obligations linked to accounting activities.


Acquisition of goods and services

For the structures of Research/Laboratories/STG – Teaching and Internationalisation – Communication and External-HPC Centre Relations
Contacts: Vincenzo Girardi, Francesca Bracaloni

For Centro Edizioni, Digital Strategies Area, Organisation and Assessment  Service, General Secretary 
Contact: Chiara Pratesi

For service management and maintenance of the heritage, filing, registration and postal service, personnel service, provisions and acquisitions service 
Contact: Patrizia Dorcich

For the Polo of Florence Area
Contact: Francesca Bracaloni

For the Library and Archival Centre
Contact: Alessio Lampredi

For the Colleges and  Catering Service, Property Service
Contact: Alessandra Macelloni

For the Director's Office /SPP
Contact: Francesca Bracaloni

Contact: Norman Filanti

Company credit cards – regulations for the acquisition of goods and services
Contact: Norman Filanti

Treasury (petty cash)
Contact: Chiara Pratesi



* Management of incomes (Editions - ministerial - various)
* Issuing of sales invoices
* Registration of payments
* Accounting of the sales invoices of the Centro Edizioni

Contacts: Chiara Pratesi, Barbara Gradara


Fulfilment of fiscal obligations

* Fulfilment of various fiscal obligations
* Iva (VAT)
* Income tax declaration (Tax returns) 

Contact: Chiara Pratesi


Fulfilment of PCC obligations

Contacts: Chiara Pratesi, Alessandra Macelloni



* Management of the paper records of orders issued

Contact: Giacomo Paolini


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