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The SNS Theatre Group

Oedipus the king (June 2016)

The Theatre Group

The Theatre Group of the Scuola Normale was founded in 2013, on the initiative of the Greek Philology professor of the SNS, Glenn W. Most. Since then the group has always dealt with ancient drama, staging Sophocles’s Electra (2014), Sophocles’s Philoctetes (2015), Sophocles's Oedipus Rex (2016) and Sophocles's Ajax (2017). 2018 saw the first staging of a comedy: the Clouds by Aristophanes was staged at FAcT, in Piazza dei Cavalieri. Currently, the Group is working on its second comedy, the Birds by Aristophanes. The SNS Theatre Group is now a point of reference for the cultural life of Pisa and Tuscany.

Since 2016, the Group has been collaborating with the "G. Galilei " liceo classico of Pisa with dissemination and educational initiatives on the main aspects of classical theatre, as well as with staging and translation workshops. The commitment towards schools increased in 2018, with the launch of workshops specifically dedicated to students in collaboration with La città del teatro of Cascina. Since 2018, the Theatre Group is also active at the Don Bosco prison in Pisa, with a joint theatre laboratory of normalisti and detainees curated by the association "I Sacchi di Sabbia".

From 2019, the Group will extend its commitment to children, curating the staging of plays dedicated to children under 10.

The Group's shows are entirely self-produced, from the translations to the music. The experience of the first four years of the Theatre Group of the Scuola Normale is recounted in two books (Sofocle per il teatro, volumes 1 and 2), which describe the staging and contain the original translations used for the shows. 

FAcT – Festival of Academic Theatre

In 2018, five years after its foundation, a new adventure originated from the experience of the Theatre Group: an Academic Theatre Festival (FAcT), which enables the creation of a national and international network of the most interesting university theatre groups. It is a festival dedicated to students, but also a gift to the city of Pisa, which for three days is filled with events related to the theatre.

The first edition of FAcT was held in Pisa between 18 and 20 June 2018, filling Pisa with performances, dissemination events and meetings. Five theatre companies from Italy and Europe participated. FAcT is an opportunity for exchange and friendship, an opportunity to break down all barriers - national, cultural, social - through the powerful instrument of the theatre.


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