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Commitment towards the dissemination of research

©Scuola Normale Superiore/ foto Laura Lezza

In 2018 the new outreach programme of the Scuola Normale Superiore -Visions - was established; compared to the one already in existence since 2014 – VIS (Virtual Immersions in Science) – the new programme also involves the humanities and the social sciences.

Disseminating the main themes of research and culture to a large audience is one of the missions of the Normale, which invests resources and ideas in the project, developing different initiatives on different topics, so as to involve differing targets.

The wonders of the possible

A cycle of conferences that aims to raise awareness among a growing audience of non-experts in university research, with particular attention to the disciplines taught at the Normale. The meetings with scholars and authors of great renown are each dedicated to one of the chosen disciplinary sectors (biology, chemistry, philosophy, physics, literature, mathematics, social sciences, history, history of art and archaeology). The speakers are asked to focus on the autobiographical and personal aspects of their approach to research, to recount how and why they came to study what they study, what motivates them to work in their field, and what their future prospects are. The meetings, all of which are public, are intended as a conversation with people who have decided to embark on a research and professional path and who want to share their passion and their results with others.

“Art and science” and "Il cinema della Normale"

With these two initiatives the Scuola Normale’s dissemination activity moves outside, into Piazza dei Cavalieri.

 “Art and science” evenings promote interdisciplinary discussions on various topics. Well-known figures from the world of science, arts and humanities are invited to talk about and discuss a broad topic, thus offering the public a variety of views, methodologies and food for thought that can intertwine fruitfully. “Art and Science” evenings aim to reach a wide audience and represent an important event for the entire city.

“Il cinema della Normale” is an open, themed film series that takes place during the summer in Piazza dei Cavalieri. The showings are preceded by brief introductions, curated by research staff of the Scuola, which highlight the salient and significant aspects of each film. Quality is an important aspect in the choice of films: the latter must, however, cater for the tastes of a broad and generic public, in the good tradition of outdoor cinema.

Letteratour: un libro, un viaggio (Letteratour: a book, a journey)

With Letteratour: un libro, un viaggio, the Scuola Normale travels even further, on a small tour: five meetings in five symbolic locations in Italy, each dedicated to a novel, not necessarily an Italian one.

The meetings will take place in public spaces chosen by the local administrations (municipal libraries, cinemas, theatres or halls of representation; however, gyms, work clubs and squares are not to be excluded ...).

A lecturer of the Normale presents the novel: he/she can freely choose the book to recount, which must, however, be a text that is particularly dear to them for one reason or another. After a non-academic "lecture" there follows a short reading of selected passages by a couple of our students.

The activity is in the planning stage. 

Tours to the SNS

The service organizes and coordinates guided tours on request to its artistic, cultural and scientific heritage, open to schools, groups and citizens. The tours start from the Palazzo della Carovana (designed by Vasari) and include - with the collaboration of the staff of reference- the scientific and research structures such as the Library, the Archive and the Laboratories.

News from the world of research

Visions also deals with disseminating the main news from the world of research, through informative talks by young scholars, professors and researchers.