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Why apply to the Normale?

Attending a PhD course at the Scuola Normale allows students to develop solid scientific skills in a stimulating environment with a strong international character. The Scuola Normale is, in fact, a crossroads for scholars from all over the world, and, in turn, it promotes mobility for students and research staff.

A rigorous entry selection, together with an annual verification of the results achieved, guarantee the maintaining of high standards throughout the course of the PhD.

The constant exchange with students and lecturers, and the possibility of collaborating with groups, research centres and laboratories, is an integral part of the postgraduate education of the Scuola Normale.

A wide educational and research curriculum

The Scuola Normale was the first Italian institution to establish a doctorate course in 1927. Today there are 16 PhD programmes at the Scuola, in the fields of Humanities and Philosophy, Sciences, Political and Social Sciences.

The research environment

The postgraduate courses of the Scuola Normale are structured as a veritable PhD School. The rigorous entry selection and in itinere allows to become part of a stimulating and international community.

A rigorous selection

The competition, open to graduates from all over the world, is based on qualifications and exams.

A hotbed of talents

Since 1810, about 6000 students, including three Nobel Prizewinners, a Fields Medal Winner, two Italian Presidents of the Republic and two Italian Prime Ministers.

An ideal venue

The main office is in the beautiful historic centre of Pisa, a city not far from the sea, connected by rail and by air with the most important national and international urban centres.

Connected to the world

The Scuola Normale is constantly setting up exchange programmes with the most prestigious universities and the most advanced international laboratories of excellence, to promote the mobility of its students.

The SNS-SSSA-IUSS Federation

Since 2018 the Scuola Normale has been federated with the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna of Pisa and the Institute for Advanced Studies of Pavia.