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A wide educational and research curriculum

©Scuola Normale Superiore/ foto Laura Lezza

Since 1927, the year in which the Scuola Normale established a PhD programme (the first in Italy), its PhD programmes have progressively included an increasingly wide range of disciplines, in both the humanistic and the scientific fields. At the moment the following programmes are taught in Pisa: Cultures and Societies of Contemporary Europe, Philosophy, Global History and Governance, Literature, Art and History of Medieval and Modern Europe, Sciences of Antiquity (in the Faculty of Humanities and Philosophy) , Astrochemistry, Data Science, Physics, Mathematics, Mathematics for Finance, Methods and Models for Molecular Sciences, Nanosciences and Neurosciences (in the Faculty of Sciences); the programmes of Political Science and Sociology and Transnational Governance (in the Department of Political and Social Sciences) are taught in Florence.