Pisa School on Future Colliders

dal 17 al 21 settembre

Martedì, 18 Settembre 2018
Pisa Building C, room 131, Università di Pisa, Polo Didattico Fibonacci, Edificio C, Largo Bruno Pontecorvo, 3 I-56127 Pisa

Scientific Programme

Program of the Pisa Future Collider School 2018:
1. Existing projects (e.g. FCC, CEPC, LHeC, CLIC, Linear Collider, Muon Collider,...)
2. Theoretical aspects, physics questions for the long term, phenomenology
3. Experimental studies
4. Accelerator technologies
5. Innovative detectors
6. Innovative analysis techniques and computing models
7. Tutorial/Hands-on session on selected topic(s), e.g. Delphes, Geant, Deep Learning, ….

The school will focus on the main topics related to physics at future colliders. It will cover the most important accelerator design issues for the next generation of high-energy lepton and hadron colliders. A special attention will be dedicated to the physics programs that can be addressed at the different machines. Sessions of the school will include the design of the experiments at various facilities, new detector technologies, challenges for the theory and new techniques for data handling, computing and physics analysis. The school is planned for a week in September 2018 and could host up to 100 participants. Master and PhD students will have the possibility to interact in a truly unique environment with prominent scientists and worldwide experts in various fields. Social activities and student poster sessions are planned for the evenings.

The school is part of the summer school program of the University of Pisa. Students at UniPi attending the school are eligible for 3 ECTS.

Scientific committee
F. Bedeschi (INFN Pisa), M. Boscolo (LNF), P. Elmer (Princeton), G. Giudice (CERN), J. Guimaraes da Costa (Beijing), F. Moortgat (CERN), P. Janot (CERN), L. Pontecorvo (CERN).

Local committee
L. Bianchini, V. Cavasinni, P. Francavilla, A. Messineo, G. Punzi, A. Rizzi, C. Roda, L. Rolandi, S. Stracka, G. Tonelli.

Scientific secretary
A. Spinosa

Building C, room 131
Università di Pisa
Polo Didattico Fibonacci
Edificio C Largo
Bruno Pontecorvo, 3 I-56127 Pisa

For information regarding the school: pisa-future-colliders-school@cern.ch