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Seminar Course "Frontiers of Cosmology", Prof. Andrea Ferrara and Prof. Andrei Mesinger

Data di pubblicazione: Lunedì, 21 Gennaio, 2019

All PhD students interested in attending the Seminar Course "Frontiers of Cosmology", jointly held by Prof. Andrea Ferrara and Prof. Andrei Mesinger, are kindly invited to the first Lecture of the Course, which will take place on:  

DATE:          Monday, January 28, 2019
TIME:           4:00 PM (sharp)
PLACE:       AULA MARIA CURIE, Palazzo D'Ancona (Second Floor)

Students are invited to register and frequently visit the Course web page present on the teaching portal didattica.sns.it.

This is an important  action, as no further general email will be sent beyond the present one.


For any need/problem do not hesitate to contact one of the two teachers of the course by email:

Andrea Ferrara: andrea.ferrara@sns.it; Andrei Mesinger: andrei.mesinger@sns.it

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