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Periodo di svolgimento

da Lunedì, 8 Febbraio 2021 a Sabato, 10 Aprile 2021
Ore del corso: 40
Ore dei docenti responsabili: 40

Modalità d'esame

  • Prova orale


  1.       Introduction to bioinformatics
  2.       Biological databases
  3.       Pairwise sequence alignments
  4.       Basic Local Alignment Search Tool (BLAST)
  5.       Multiple sequence Alignment
  6.       Protein analysis and Proteomics
  7.       Introduction to Protein structure
  8.       Introduction to Nucleic Acids (RNA) Structure

Obiettivi formativi

Aim of the course is to provide students with the basic knowledge of bioinformatics techniques as an easy and friendly support for their study and research careers. This will entail: 1) theory of the most common bioinformatics algorithms and resources: who they are, what they do and why they are so important and increasingly used in modern biology research; 2) basic practical experience through hands-on-sessions on typical problems that can be answered by using popular online tools.

Riferimenti bibliografici

Introduction to Bioinformatics, by Arhur A. Lesk

Fondamenti di Bioinformatica, by Manuela Helmer-Citterich, Fabrizio Ferre', Giulio Pavesi, Graziano Pesole, Chiara Romualdi

Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics, by Jonathan Pevsner