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Seminars in Condensed Matter Physics

Periodo di svolgimento

da Novembre 2020 a Ottobre 2021
Ore del corso: 80
Ore dei docenti responsabili: 40
Ore di didattica integrativa: 40

Modalità d'esame

  • Prova orale


Previous knowledge at the level of an introductory course in condensed matter physics is required.


The course will cover selected topics in condensed matter physics.

It will include the following series of talks on:  

Topological states of matter and light, Iacopo Carusotto (INO-CNR BEC Center and Physics Department, University of Trento) - 18 hours (January-April 2021)
- Introduction: the Berry phase and its generalizations in solid state and molecular systems
- Topological band theory: Hofstadter model, Haldane model, graphene
- Integer QHE: quantized conductance and chiral edge states
- Topological photonics (and topological mechanics) and its applications
- Basics of fractional QHE
- Anyons: Fractional charge and fractional statistics
- Driven-dissipative many-body systems: stabilizing and detecting strongly correlated photon states.

Graphene-based technologies, Vittorio Pellegrini (IIT-Genova and Bedimensional) - 10 hours (April-May 2021)

Coherent heat transport in nanosystems, Francesco Giazotto (NANO-CNR, Pisa) - 6 hours (March-April 2021)

Fundamentals of spintronics, Marco Affronte (Dipartimento di Scienze Fisiche, Informatiche Matematiche, Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia and Istituto Nanoscienze-CNR) - 6 hours (February 2021)

Free electrons, the Pauli paramagnetism, spin split bands. The two-resistors mode. Spin Injection and Accumulation at interfaces. Giant Magneto Resistance. Spin valve; Magnetic Random Access Memory; Spin transfer torque; Spin transfer Oscillators; Spin transistors

The course will also include a selection of research talks that will be announced during the year. As a proficiency test for the course, first year PhD students should present a seminar on a topic related to those covered in the series of talks, while second year PhD students should present a seminar on a topic related to their own PhD research project.

Obiettivi formativi

To get acquainted with selected advanced topics in condensed matter physics through series of talks. To learn about current research efforts via tutorial and topical seminars.

Didattica integrativa

cicli di seminari:
- I.Carusotto (18)
- V.Pellegrini (10)
- M.Affronte (6)
- F.Giazotto (6)"