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Research Design in Social Movement Studies

Periodo di svolgimento

Maggio 2021
Ore del corso: 20
Ore dei docenti responsabili: 20

Modalità d'esame

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Optional for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students of the PhD Programme in "Transnational Governance"

Optional for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students of the PhD Programme in "Political Science and Sociology"

Optional for the 4th and 5th year students of the MA Programme in "Political and Social Sciences"


This seminar is oriented to the implementation of research design in empirical analysis of social movements. It will upon the presentation of PhD projects at different stages of development, involving PhD students from all cohorts. The seminar has a crash course format.

Obiettivi formativi

The  main aims of the seminar are: a) the possibility to learn about all topics addressed by PhD students in the area of social movements and political participation; b) the opportunity to get in depth peer-to-peer feedback. In this direction, we  propose a mix of plenaries and smaller groups discussion. Each student has  been assigned a discussant, but all will be welcome to comment orally and in written form. Besides supervisor/s, also post-doc will be involved in various roles. Students are asked  to circulate   one of the following type of documents: a) the research proposal (for I year PhD students) or one PhD chapter or PhD-related article (II-III and IV PhD students); b) a six page summary of your presentation. All PhD supervisees are asked to participate.