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From startup to Magic Quadrant: how we became a scaleup

JobFair Colloquia

  • Francesco Baccchini
    COO @Apparound
  • Federico Bonarrigo
    CTO @Apparound
  • Stefania Giorgetti
    HR Specialist @Apparound

The initiative, called "JobFair Colloquia", provides a schedule of online meetings with the partner companies and institutions of JobFair2020, lasting up to an hour: after an initial presentation of the company, there will be an informal discussion, which will allow getting in touch more directly with the students.

We are glad to present you the next JOBfairColloquia with Apparound.

Apparound was founded to improve the productivity of sales reps and ensure that the most precious time they have, the time they spend with customers, is as rewarding as possible for the sales rep, the customer and the company. Salespeople are happiest and most productive when they're working directly with customers, helping them solve their problems. But too often a salesperson's time is spent on non-revenue producing activities, like entering data, creating quotes, fixing errors, looking for information, and attending product training meetings. Our mission is to eliminate unproductive sales activities. Our software surrounds sales reps with a bubble of productivity: the tools and information they need to do their jobs more easily and have highly productive engagements with customers. The result is increased sales revenue, better satisfied customers and happier sales people. 

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If you are interested, please follow the instructions inside the flyer.


  • jobfair@santannapisa.it