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Solidarity at Sea - The Politicization of Search and Rescue in the Mediterranean

Movimenti del Mondo - Series of debates and documentaries/movies

On May 16, we will screen the documentary ‘IUVENTA’ (DE, IT 2018).

Director Michele Cinque followed a team of young activists during their search and rescue missions in the central Mediterranean. He intimately captures their motivations, doubts and the various kinds of opposition they encounter

5:30-7:00 p.m. Screening of the Documentary ‘IUVENTA’

7:00-7:30 p.m. Debate with

  • Michele Cinque, Director of ‘IUVENTA’
  • Charles Heller, Forensic Oceanography, University of London

Chair: Elias Steinhilper, Cosmos/ DeZIM Institute Berlin

Admission will be allowed up to the maximum capacity of the conference hall