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The Cultural side of Populism: Politics, Emotions, Subcultures and Music in populist times

Open Workshop

  • Local organizers: Manuela Caiani and Francesca Feo (SNS)
  • External co-organizers: OCIS ‘Osservatorio sulla Coesione Sociale’ (Reggio Emilia)


Monday 4th March 2019


Opening: Manuela Caiani & Francesca Feo, Scuola Normale Superiore

Session 1 Populism and emotions

Chair: Manuela Caiani, Scuola Normale Superiore

Mikko Salmela (University of Helsinki, Department of Political Studies)
Emotional dynamics of right-and left-wing populism

Pierre Ostiguy (Universidad Catolica de Chile)
Socio-cultural approaches to Populism

Paolo Cossarini (University of Madrid, Politics and International studies)
Cultural and visual aspects of populism: the cases of Spain and Catalonia

Linus Westheuser (SNS)
Culture and politics: Some themes and research approaches

Discussant: Fred Paxton (EUI) and Vicente Valentim (EUI)


Session 2 (Populist) Politics and Music

Chair: Francesca Feo (SNS)

Alessandro Portelli (Sapienza University)
Music and the populist party in the USA

Valeria Dessii (Antropologist, PhD Soas)
Music and Revolution: the cases of Egypt and Italy in popular ‘protest’ music

Paolo Magaudda (Lecturer in Sociology of Culture and Communication, University of Padua)
The symbolic construction of populism: Narratives and media

Loris Caruso (SNS)
Podemos and music

Discussant: Luca Verzichelli (University of Siena) and Sophia Hunger (EUI)


Session 3:  Subcultures, political power and symbols

Chair: Linus Westheuser (SNS)

Giorgia Bulli (University of Florence)
Nazi Rock: fascisti di un altro millennio? The Italian and German cases compared

Francesca Feo (SNS) and Mans Robert Lundstedt (SNS)
Feminism and music

Valerii Saenko (SNS)
Creating political support through music: examples from Russian history

Angela Adami (SNS)
Forza Nuova party’s concert in memory of Jan Palash: what political message? 

Discussant: Rossella Ciccia (University of Belfast) and Enrico Padoan (SNS)