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Tax Code, Insurance Coverage, Health Care

Codice fiscale (Tax Code)

The Codice fiscale is an Italian tax identification code used in all dealings with government agencies and public administration in Italy. It is an identity tax code devised from an individual’s name, date and place of birth.

The Codice fiscale is issued by the Italian Revenue Agency  (Agenzia delle Entrate). It is needed for any financial transaction, for opening a bank account and for the registration at  the National Health Service.

EU students have to apply for a tax code at the local Revenue Agency showing their ID card. Students from non-EU countries are asked to show their passport with a valid visa (depending on the country of origin, the visa may not be necessary) or residence permit.

INPS Registration

All students who have been granted a PhD scholarship have to complete their enrollment by registering themselves at INPS. It is possible to do it through an on-line procedure and there is no extra charge.

Important: PhD scholarships are not subject to income declaration or IRPEF taxation but are subject to a retirement contribution. The contributions are automatically withheld from the instalments and paid directly to INPS by SNS.

Insurance coverage

Foreign students, graduate students, scholarship holders, and all those affiliated with the Scuola Normale Superiore are covered by an insurance policy. The insurance coverage applies for injuries that the insured may suffer (or may cause, either people or things) while participating in institutional activities organized by the School or under the auspices of the School, with a third party or internationally.

For example, coverage might include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • injuries suffered during the attendance, permanency and transfer within the various premises of SNS and the University of Pisa;
  • participation in initiatives and events, excluding those which are competitive sports;
  • accidents occurring in the same circumstances as above, even when occurred at premises comparable to, recognized by, and/or affiliated with the School, or through which an institutional activity of the School is realized.

The report of the accident (addressed to the School) with the indication of the place, date, time and the reasons causing the accident must be sent  together with a medical certificate. Subsequently the claimant shall send to the School medical reports on the progress of the injuries suffered, for periods not exceeding 60 days, until the claimant will be recovered from the said injuries.

Health care

Students coming from European institutions may own the European Health Insurance Card (T.E.A.M.). This card (named “Tessera sanitaria”) entitle them to health care in the Italian territory, under the same conditions offered them in their home country.

Health care in the territory of the province of Pisa is provided by the Local Public Health Unit (Unità Sanitaria Locale - USL) No. 5 of Pisa.

To activate your health coverage:

> For stays up to three months: go to the Presidio ASL di Pisa - via Garibaldi n. 198 and show the T.E.A.M. or another document, issued in your country of origin, that states your health coverage in Italy.

> For stays longer than three months:

  • Ask for a certificate of registration in the list of temporary residents at the “Ufficio Anagrafe” of the municipality of Pisa. In order to get such certificate you must show your T.E.A.M. or proof of medical coverage in Italy and a document stating your means of financial support (for SNS students, the document may be issued by the Servizio Allievi);
  • show the acquired certificate of registration and your T.E.A.M. at the Presidio ASL di Pisa - via Garibaldi n. 198.

European students who do not own the European Health Insurance Card (T.E.A.M.) before their departure have to ask, at the relevant office of their country, for a certificate serving as a substitute of T.E.A.M. that will entitle them to the same benefits granted to Italian citizens.

European students who, for different reasons, are not covered by health care in their home country or did not ask for the transfer of their coverage to the Italian Health System, may be registered at S.S.N. (Servizio Sanitario Nazionale).

In this aim students must:

  • ask for a declaration (issued by the National Health System of origin) that states they are not covered in their home country;
  • ask for a certificate of registration in the list of temporary residents at the “Ufficio Anagrafe” of the municipality;
  • ask for registration at Presidio Distrettuale ASL (via Garibaldi n. 198 – Pisa), showing the payment’s receipt of the yearly contribution.

Non-EU students who must choose an insurance policy valid in Italy, in addition to the chance of subscribing a private insurance policy, may also consider the following options:

  • The Italian National Health Service (Servizio Sanitario Nazionale) offers the possibility of securing coverage for the length of a calendar year, whose annual premium is particularly suited to students who intend to stay in Italy at least one year. Payment of the registration fee at S.S.N. (€ 149,77) should be made on postal account n.289504 (using a postal form addressed to "Regione Toscana - Contributo Servizio Sanitario Nazionale", specifying as reason for the payment "Iscrizione al Servizio Sanitario Nazionale - Studente straniero – Anno ________".
  • The “Generali - INA  Assitalia” offers a less expensive insurance policy, valid for a  semester (€ 49,00) or the whole year (€ 98,00), that only covers the cost for urgent health services and hospitalization in case of accidents or unexpected diseases and if necessary the repatriation.

This option, available for rather short periods (semesters), is useful in case of short-term stays in Italy or to get a provisional insurance coverage until to the registration at the National Health Service (whose annual validity starts from 1st January).

It must be considered that foreigners, staying for a maximum of 90 days, may be covered by the insurance policy only if they own a valid entry visa while foreigners staying for study purposes will be covered only after getting their residence permit or showing the receipt of the residence permit’s application.

The payment for the insurance policy “Generali - INA Assitalia” must be made at the post office on the c/c n.92316009 (foreign tourists staying max 90 days) and on c/c n. 71270003 (foreigners for study purposes) and addressed to "Generali Italia S.p.A.", specifying as reason for the payment “Assistenza sanitaria per studenti/turisti/cittadini comunitari (students/tourists/UE nationals) a favore di ___________ (name and surname) a decorrere dal (starting from) _________”.

If necessary, students could link to www.usl5.toscana.it  (Home >> Informazioni >> Distretti e Servizi >> Fogli di accoglienza), where it is possible to find, for each district of USL 5, detailed schedules and activities for health services (visits, samples, vaccinations, etc.) systematically updated. For further information, students may contact the “Ufficio Estero e Rapporti Internazionali” at ASL 5 – Pisa), email: estero.pisa@usl5.toscana.it.

Undergraduate and graduate students will be refunded in both cases, whether enrolled in “Generali – INA Assitalia” insurance coverage or registered for membership at the National Health Service.


Further information on Tax Codes

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Further information on Health care

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