Sociophonetic analysis of dynamic aspects of vowels

Classe di Scienze Umane
Venerdì, 28 Aprile 2017
Ore 15:15
Aula Contini
Hans Van de Velde (Fryske Akademy, Leeuwarden)

It is common practice in sociophonetics to measure vowel formants at one point (monophthongs) or two time points (diphthongs), the so-called target approach. It should be noted that even diphthongs are often measured at one time-point. First, I will present a study of regional vowel variation in Standard Dutch and compare the target approach with two dynamic approaches for investigating regional patterns of variation (Van der Harst, Van de Velde & Van Hout 2014). Second, I will show some preliminary results of the first phonetic studies of (West) Frisian, revealing dynamic aspects of long vowels that have not been observed before in phonetic and phonological studies of Frisian (Sloos, Van de Velde & Demolin, fc). Third, I will present Visible Vowels (Heeringa & Van de Velde), an internet tool for the plotting and normalization of vowels and the analysis of variation patterns in vowel systems, incorporating the dynamic aspects of vowels.