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Dipartimento di Scienze politico-sociali
Piazza degli Strozzi, 1
50123, FIRENZE


Alice Mattoni is Assistant Professor at the Scuola Normale Superiore, where she is the Principal Investigator of the research project PiCME – Political participation in Complex Media Environments: A Multi-Level and Multi-Method Approach. Her research lays at the intersection of media and politics. She did research on the perceptions of the journalistic profession in local newsrooms; activist media practices in precarious workers’ mobilizations; the use of social media during electoral campaigns; and the role of media technologies in pro-democracy and anti-austerity movements, with a special focus on protests in Italy, Spain and Greece. In the past years, Alice collaborated with several international universities, including the University of Toronto (Canada), the University of Technology, Sydney (Australia), the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies at the European University Institute (Italy), the University of Pittsburgh (USA), Goldsmiths University of London (UK), and Lakehead University (Canada). Amongst other publications, she wrote the monograph Media Practices and Protest Politics. How Precarious Workers Mobilise (Ashgate, 2012) and she co-edited the following volumes: Spreading Protests. Social Movements in Times of Crisis (ECPR Press, 2014), Mediation and Protest Movements (Intellect, 2013), Advances in the Visual Analysis of Social Movements (Emerald, 2013). 

5 Most recent publications (already published, HARVARD Reference Style):

  1. Mattoni, Alice (2017). A situated understanding of digital technologies in social movements. Media ecology and media practice approaches. Social Movement Studies (2017): Online First. DOI: 10.1080/14742837.2017.1311250
  2. Treré Emiliano, Mattoni Alice (2016). Media ecologies and protest movements: main perspectives and key lessons. INFORMATION, COMMUNICATION & SOCIETY, p. 290-306, ISSN: 1369-118X, doi:10.1080/1369118X.2015.1109699
  3. della Porta Donatella, Mattoni Alice (2015). Social networking sites in pro-democracy and anti-austerity protests. Some thoughts from a social movement perspective. In: D. Trottier C. Fuchs. (a cura di): D. Trottier C. Fuchs, Social media, politics and the state : protests, revolutions, riots, crime and policing in the age of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. ISBN: 9780415749091
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  5. della Porta, Donatella, Mattoni Alice (eds) (2014). Spreading protest: social movements in times of crisis. ECPR-Studies in European political science.

5 Relevant previous projects:

  1. PI, Political Participation in Complex Media Environments, SIR - Scientific Independence for Young Researcher Grant, Italian Ministry of University and Research, 2015-2018;
  2. Collaborator, Oil-Tourism Interface and Social-Ecological Change in the North Atlantic, Insight Grant, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Of Canada, 2015-2020;
  3. Co-I, Social Movements and Media Technologies Seminar Series, Economic and Social Research Council Grant, 2015-2017;
  4. Co-I, Protest Media Ecologies: Communicative Affordances for Social Change in the Digital Era, Insight Development Grant, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, 2014-2017;
  5. Research Assistant, Work Package 11 of the Anticorrp EC-FP7 funded research project, with a research project on political participation against corruption and organized crime in Italy, Spain, Hungary and Bulgaria, 2013-2016.


Social movements; information and communication technologies; media practices; alternative media; qualitative methods.