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English Language Expert at the Scuola Normale Superiore, she completed her undergraduate degree in English at the University of Dallas, an MA in American Literature at Emory University and an MA TESOL at Sheffield Hallam University. Her background includes preparing students for language exams, teaching writing, teaching online, and business English, and her interests range from teacher training, to phrasal language, communicative teaching methods, testing and applied linguistics.

Specialized in teaching adults, she has trained teachers and taught in private schools, companies, organizations and universities, including the Università Popolare di Siena, the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna and the University of Maryland, where she works periodically as an Adjunct Professor of English.

She is a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists, London, where she completed the prestigious DipTrans post-graduate diploma in translation in humanities and literature; she has translated a number of web sites, articles, essays and several books.

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Conferences / Professional Development

  • Teaching Writing in the ESOL Classroom - Handling the workload, TESOL International, Seattle, March 2017
  • Take Flight after NNESTing in Your Teaching History, TESOL Italy, Rome, November 2016 & TESOL International, Seattle, March 2017
  • British Council Seminar ‘Teacher stories:  A way for teachers to share with and learn from each other’ February 2016 (prof. dev.)
  • Teacher Trainer for Italian secondary school English teachers, July 2015, organized by TESOL Italy under auspices of US Embassy to Italy
  • Saarland Seminar “Tools that Flip, Blend and Create Distance Learning Content” June 2015 (prof. dev.)
  • From Teacher to Trainer course– Norwich Institute for Language Education – pass with distinction
  • Teach Writing to Digital Natives Using Color-Coded Rubrics, TESOL Greece, Athens, March 2015
  • Teacher Trainer for Italian secondary school English teachers, February 2015 - TFA Sapienza Università di Roma
  • Hooked on a Feeling: Motivating Students to Write, TESOL- Italy – 14-15 Nov. 2014
  • (Not) Making it up as you go along: translating in under-documented niche areas, METM14 – Mediterranean Editors & Translators Meeting 2014 - El Escorial, Spain, 30 Oct – 1 Nov. 2014
  • Member organizing committee of English, globally: state of the art and changing scenarios. International Symposium, Sapienza University, Rome, 3 & 4 April, 2014
  • Using CopyLeft Materials in a Challenging ESP Environment - TESOL International Convention, Dallas, TX, 2013
  • Teach writing, not ZZZZZZ, to Generation Z! at TESOL-Italy’s 37th National Convention, Rome, 2012
  • Defining Best Classroom Practice for Teaching Formulaic Language. FLARN - Formulaic Language Research Network Conference, Tilburg, NL, 2012
  • Teaching writing for exams at TESOL-Italy’s 36th National Convention in Rome, 2011
  • Using Communicative Language Teaching Methods while Teaching Writing for High-Stakes Exams at FLOW II - Foreign Language Writing Conference, University of Łódź, Poland, 2011
  • ESOL Placement Testing: Face Validity at Standardized Language Testing in Teaching and Research Conference, at University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, 2010
  • Teacher Trainer for Assoservizi Siena Training Day, 27 March 2006
  • Teacher, teacher trainer and English language training organization for Chiron SpA, 2006-2007


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