i venerdì della normale

The "Venerdì della Normale" (Fridays at the SNS)

The Venerdì della Normale are a cycle of conferences inaugurated in 1981 with the name of Venerdì del Direttore, which became in 2010, on the occasion of the Bicentenary of the foundation of the Normale, the Incontri del Bicentenario. During these conferences, personalities from the world of culture, science and politics meet the students and staff of the SNS, as well as the general public, enabling a wider audience to participate in conferences on important and current topics.
For the students of the Scuola this means a further opportunity for learning in addition to their institutional courses and to scientific conferences, and a chance to listen to and exchange views with professionals from work and research fields of the highest calibre, in areas ranging from politics to economics, from scientific innovations to literary criticism, from art to law and from the theatrical world to current affairs.