I concerti della normale

The "Concerti della Normale"

With the Concerti della Normale and the lezioni di musica, the Scuola brings to its students, and indeed to the city itself, an indispensable cultural education; it is a season of classical music that welcomes talents from the national and international music scene, in a constant interweaving of tradition and contemporaneity.

It was Gilberto Bernardini, then director of the Scuola, who, in 1967,  provided the impetus for this project. He envisaged classical music among the intellectual and cultural activities of the students of the Normale. It was thanks to the synergy between Bernardini and maestro Piero Farulli that the Concerti della Normale were introduced. From then until today - under the direction of Piero Farulli, Andrea Mascagni (1987- 1993), Carlo de Incontrera (1993 - 2013), Jeffrey Swann (2014 - 2016), and now Carlo Boccadoro - the concert season has become a tradition at the Scuola Normale, together with the almost forty years of activity of the Vincenzo Galilei Choir.

The Concerti della Normale represent a combination of musical eras and styles, instrumental interpretations and differing genres of composition.