Colleges and canteen

Colleges and canteen

In addition to the reimbursement of university fees and a small monthly contribution for personal expenses, SNS students in Pisa benefit from free accommodation at one of the Colleges of the Normale and free board at the canteen, for the entire duration of their academic career. Students of the Department  of Political and Social Sciences in Florence can make use of the Residenza Capitini, equipped with 24 mini-lodgings and large communal areas for study and free time activities.


Those who are entitled to accommodation:
students of the Normale; fellows and exchange fellows; PhD students (should there be no rooms available for the latter, an additional contribution of € 4,800.00 per year for external accommodation will be awarded).

The structures:

Collegio Fermi- 46 single rooms with bathroom.
Collegio Timpano - 110 single rooms with bathroom
Collegio Carducci - 91 single rooms with bathroom.
Collegio Faedo - 83 single rooms with bathroom.
University Residence in Florence - 24 single rooms with bathroom.

Inside the colleges there are communal areas such as study/library rooms, gyms,  rooms where you can watch films, music rooms, recreation rooms with TV and board games and computer rooms. The SNS provides students with musical instruments located in the various colleges, a loan service for films, music, books and scores and some rooms for use as a gym, to which students have free access.


At Pisa
The canteen of the Normale is located in the Palazzo D'Ancona, and is accessible to  undergraduate and PhD students, holders of research grants from the Normale, fellows, teaching and administrative staff, and guests of the SNS. It is self-service.

You can access the canteen with your personal badge, or by typing your code and password into the readers at the entrance. Badges and codes are given to students upon enrolment. The badge, at the Pisa site, gives also access to the Library, the back entrance of Palazzo dell Carovana and the Computer Room (in the Palazzo della Carovana), at the Folorence site it enables access to the Palazzo Strozzi site, which houses the Library and the Computer room.

For undergraduate and PhD students, fellows and administrative staff the canteen is free.

For teaching staff, researchers, holders of teaching assignments, collaborators and fellows, the rate is 4 euros for lunch and 7.20 euros for dinner.
For guests of the Normale the rate is 7.20 euros for each meal.

opening times
From Monday to Friday
from 12.30 to 14.15
from 19.30 to 20.30

Saturday and Sunday
from 12.30 to 13.45
from 19.30 to 20.30
The canteen is closed during the academic holiday periods (Christmas, Easter and August).

At Florence
The students at the Florence site have free access to the canteens of the Florence circuit of the DSU (Azienda Regionale per il Diritto allo Studio Universitario della Toscana), the Tuscany regional organization for the right to university study.

To gain access to the DSU, you will need to apply to the help desk at the Casa dello Studente Calamandrei, in Viale Morgagni, 51. The help desk is open with the following timetable:
from Monday to Friday
from 10.00 to 13.00
Tuesday and Thursday
from 10.00 to 13.00
from 14.30 to 16.30
You can also apply to the site in Via Miele, 3, with the following timetable:
from Monday to Friday
from 09.00 to 13.00
Tuesday and Thursday
from 10.00 to 13.00
from 14.30 to 16.00, by appointment.