Gender Equality Plan and Gender Assessment Report

The development of the Gender Equality Plan of the Scuola Normale Superiore is based on a twofold approach that combines existing actions with targeted actions in a gender equity perspective.
This commitment takes the form of pursuing clear and measurable aims that ensure fair and transparent assessments, with the aim of achieving gender equity in the SNS community and balance in all processes. This commitment will have an impact - within a virtuous cycle - on the ongoing development of inclusive policies of the Scuola Normale in response to the requests and guidelines drawn up by European strategies on gender equity.

The Gender Assessment Report, an integral part of the work of the Joint Committee for Equal Opportunity, provides a picture of the state of the art at the Scuola Normale Superiore, divided  as to topics: regulatory framework, context analysis, positive actions, and the its correlation with the Gender Equality Plan, of which the Gender Assessment Report is a fundamental component. In addition, the last section contains some indications as to further development prospects, again in line with the CRUI indications, designed to interpret at least some components of the Gender Assessment Report in the light of gender equality.