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Undergraduate admission competition

 To become students of the SNS


Faculty of Humanities and Faculty of Sciences
Faculty of Political-social sciences
Application procedure available at the following link:

Call by examinations for the selection of 60 places in the first year and 19 places in the fourth year of the undergraduate course of the Scuola Normale Superiore for the academic year 2024-2025

Important dates

  • Thursday 1st August 2024 -  closing date for applications
  • By Wednesday 7th August 2024 - list of candidates admitted to the written tests and timetable
  • from Monday 26th August to Saturday 31st August 2024 - written tests - Faculty of Humanities and Faculty of Sciences
  •  Thursday 5th September and Friday 6th September 2024 - written tests - Faculty of Political and Social Sciences
  • from Monday 9th September 2024- oral tests - Faculty of Humanities and Faculty of Sciences
  • from Monday 16th September 2024 - oral tests - Faculty of Political and Social Sciences

The Faculties included in the competition
The competition for admission to the Undergraduate Course gives access to one of the following  faculties:

  • Faculty of Humanities (sited in Pisa)
  • Faculty of Sciences (sited in Pisa)
  • Faculty of Political and Social Sciences (sited in Florence)

Access to the first or the fourth year

Access to the Faculty of Humanities or to the Faculty of Sciences can be gained at the First year or, after attaining the three-year degree or its equivalent attained abroad, the Fourth year; access to the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences can be gained only at the Fourth year (after attaining the three-year degree or its equivalent attained abroad).

How the competition works

The admission competition takes place each year between the end of August and the first half of September and involves two written and two oral tests at both the first and the fourth year, in accordance with the criteria established by the different faculties (detailed information in the call). Admission is based solely on the results of the competition tests: neither the school leaving grade (Maturità) nor the candidate's previous school or university record will be taken into account.

How to apply

The call valid for the successive academic year is published every Spring. Applications can be forwarded in July and must be registered online, through the online procedure that is activated for the purpose, in the window that opens the call on the Normale web site.


The candidates for the first year of the Faculty of Sciences must take the TOLC test  before applying for the competition. The test may be taken in any form in which it is administered and at any of the university sites belonging to the CISIA Consortium, from the start of February to the call deadline. For further information about the various TOLC tests (validity, ways of administration, assessments, repeatability of the tests), please refer to the TOLC Regulations, which can be consulted on the web site of the CISIA Consortium.

The winners
The successful candidates will enroll at the University of Pisa (for the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Sciences) or at the University of Florence (for the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences), where they will attend the courses pertaining to the degree course they have chosen; at the same time they will be following the courses taught at the Scuola Normale (in Pisa or in Florence, depending on their faculty), which constitute a parallel and complementary course of higher education. 

The successful candidates will be given free board and lodging. The Scuola Normale will also reimburse their university enrolment taxes and will award each student a monthly allowance.