Third mission co-ordination

Third mission/Public Engagement co-ordination

Even before the dialogue between the university and the social and productive sphere began to be commonly known as the “Third Mission”, the SNS undertook numerous actions aimed at transforming and making accessible beyond the academic world the knowledge produced within its walls, in the profound conviction that its task includes the dissemination of the results and the interpretation of its research, in order for the whole of society to benefit from it. It has thus promoted initiatives of social and cultural impact that it has enriched, perfected and broadened over the years and with the changes in social and communicative contexts: the recovery and sharing of its historical-artistic, archaeological and library heritage, together with its lifelong learning and Public Engagement activities.

These various actions can be divided into two categories, on the basis of their target:

* upper secondary schools;
* local residents and the general public.

The wide and varied range of initiatives has grown and diversified with time thanks to the institutional commitment, the passion of the organisers and the approval of the public. The well-established initiatives of the SNS (such as the Orientation courses and the Concert season) involve a tried and tested system of planning, putting into practice and ex post monitoring. The same approach has been extended to more recent initiatives, such as the training and refresher courses for teachers and the distance learning initiative "La Normale va a scuola", and will be progressively adopted by all the experimental initiatives, of more recent or of new conception, that the SNS intends to set up.

A decisive step in this sense was the setting up, in January 2020, of a special Commission with the task of planning, co-ordinating and checking the Third Mission activities of the SNS regarding the production of public goods. The systematisation of that which already exists will not prevent new initiatives from being started and tried out, at both institutional and individual level, with the constant objective of generating increasingly engaging and efficacious forms of the development and promotion of culture.