Placement seminars


Placement seminars favour and stimulate the discussion between different people, with different profiles and backgrounds, so as to further support career choices. Seminars can also be an opportunity to liaise with HR and companies interested in recruiting initiatives dedicated to the Normale.


With particular emphasis on the relationship with our alumni, the Placement Office organizes meetings, presentations and initiatives with the aim of using its wealth of knowledge and experience to support the career choices of its students and alumni. The seminars, aimed at groups of people who share specific interests or characteristics, have, among other things, the aim of stimulating interpersonal discussion and reflection on the part of the entire community on issues of widespread interest.

In order to achieve two of the fundamental objectives of the placement service - the monitoring of the careers of our alumni and the creation of a network between current students and alumni - a series of meetings has been promoted, entitled “Normalisti at work”, dedicated to the presentation of some exemplary cases of non-academic success stories of SNS alumni. The initiative is all the more relevant in a context such as that of the Scuola Normale, which still predominantly directs its students towards academic careers: direct knowledge of success stories in different professional sectors helps students to gain greater awareness and a more complete vision of the world of work, what it has to offer and its possibilities.

In addition to this are the opportunities that some alumni, engaged in national or international organizational contexts, wish to offer to younger colleagues through Corporate Presentations,  aware of the added value of being Normalisti, even beyond the Scuola Normale. The Company Presentations, in addition to being promoted directly or in collaboration with Alumni of the Normale, are also organized with business partners who wish to illustrate their activities, and possibly propose recruiting opportunities specifically dedicated to normalisti.

The Placement Service also organizes periodically information and training orientation seminars also in collaboration with other institutions such as the University of Pisa.

More information, recording of events and reference materials are available in the "Tools" section of the SNS Career Center by JobTeaser