SNS Authorities

The SNS authorities define the objectives and issue general guidelines and priorities for the teaching, research and administrative activities of the Scuola Normale.

The Director

The Director represents the Scuola Normale in all academic and institutional offices, guarantees their cultural and organisational autonomy and is responsible for their overall progress.

The Federated Executive Council

The Federated Executive Council is the governing collegiate authority of the federated schools of excellence, which include Normale, Sant'Anna and IUSS.

The Governing Council

The Governing Council develops, coordinates and harmonizes the Scuola's guidelines and lines of development in the field of teaching and research.

The Federated Auditors' Board

The Federated Auditors' Board is the collegiate authority of the federated universities and is responsible for ensuring that the management is run in accordance with proper administrative-accounting practice.

The Federated Evaluation Team

The Federated Evaluation Team is the collegiate authority of the federated universities, and is responsible for the internal evaluation of the administrative management and of teaching and research activities.

The General Secretary

The management and organization of the services in accordance with the general guidelines established by the Director and by the other governing authorities of the Scuola is the responsibility of the General Secretary.

The deputy Director

The deputy Directoris nominated by the Director, upon consultation with the Governing Council, from among the professors  of the Normale belonging to an academic structure different from his own.

Pro-Rectors and Delegates

In order to carry out specific or particular tasks related to his mandate, the Director can choose a maximum of seven pro-rectors or delegates

Authorities of the academic structures

The SNS is divided into three academic structures (o: Faculties): the Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty of Sciences, the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences The authorities of the academic structures are the Deans and the Councils of the academic structures.

The Deans

The Deans, elected from among the full professors, represent their respective academic structures.

Other Authorities

The University Council

The University Council is called upon to discuss general issues of a strategic nature; it is convened at least twice a year, by the Director.

The General Assembly

The General Assembly consists of all the teaching and research staff, the technical, administrative and management personnel, the students and the temporary research assistants.