Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy


The Scuola Normale Superiore (hereinafter the Normale) has an official profile on the social media channels to inform, relate with, involve and motivate all the stakeholders with whom it deals, pursuing institutional goals and those of general interest. The official profiles of the Normale on the social media channels do not in any way substitute the tasks performed by the front office services or the contents present on the institutional web site,; their main purpose is to disseminate the essential activities of the Normale and to promote its image, in coherence with the general editorial lines envisaged for the other communication tools, and, in integration with the latter, to create possibilities for involvement and participation and to provide updates in emergency situations.
The Normale is officially present on the following social networks:
Facebook (with also Biblioteca SNS, Laboratorio SAET, Laboratorio SMART), Twitter, YouTube, InstagramLinkedin and reserves the right to report any  cases of violation of intellectual property or any abuse of the identity or of the image of its Institution, including through false accounts, to the managers of the platforms and, if necessary, to the competent judicial authorities.
Facebook (su cui sono presenti anche i canali ), Twitter, YouTube, Instagram e Linkedin e si riserva di segnalare eventuali casi di violazione della proprietà intellettuale o di abuso dell'identità o dell'immagine dell'Istituzione, anche tramite account falsi, ai gestori delle piattaforme e, se necessario, alle autorità giudiziarie competenti.


The contents published on the official social media of the Normale are produced by the Normale itself, unless otherwise indicated. The Normale may occasionally repost contents and messages of third parties (other institutions or persons) considered to be of public interest and usefulness. While pledging to verify the accuracy, provenance and reliability of these contents, the Normale does not assume any responsibility for any erroneous or outdated information.
The Normale has no control over the aggregation of its published contents with contents of other provenance, their republishing in another context, or any reprocessing or other forms of treatment on the part of third parties. The presence of promotional spaces at the margin of the contents published on the pages of the social networks utilised by the Normale is not under its control but managed autonomously by the social networks themselves.
Publicity and transparency of the administrative activity of the Normale are achieved  exclusively using  the computer, telematic and digital tools purposely specified by prevailing regulations, to which users should refer for official guidance.

Rules of conduct

The social networks have terms of service that must be respected by all their users.
The contents published by the Normale may be shared, commented on and utilised by users, in compliance with the terms of service of each social media channel, and, if coming from the institutional web site, in compliance with the licence valid for the contents of the site and with prevailing legislation.
Anyone can participate actively in the social media channels of the Normale. All users are directly and exclusively responsible, in accordance with prevailing legislation, for the contents they publish and for the opinions they express, and are requested:

  • to express their opinion in a correct and careful way, basing their assertions, as far as     possible, on verifiable facts, and to respect the opinions of others;
  • to avoid insults, vulgarity, offence, threats and, in general, violent and discriminatory     attitudes;
  • to always respect personal privacy, avoiding references to facts or details devoid of     relevance to the public and damaging to the personal sphere of others;
  • not to utilise these spaces for airing personal grievances and hence to limit themselves to subjects of interest to the public;
  • to keep to the specific topic of general interest of the discussion, avoiding extending the discussion in a generic and indiscriminate manner;
  • to avoid any form of publicity, spam or promotion of private interests or illegal activities;
  • not to publish contents that violate authors' rights and not to utilise registered brands without authorisation.


The Normale moderates its spaces a posteriori, also at the suggestion of third parties, with the aim of preventing, within a reasonable time and as far as possible, any conduct that goes against the rules of use. In more serious cases – and in particular  in the case of lack of respect for the regulations specified in this document or for prevailing legislation – the Normale reserves the right to delete the contents, to ban the users from its spaces and to report them to the moderation filters of the hosting social network and, in cases where the law is broken, to the competent judicial authorities.
Contents created by users may be submitted to moderation, and if necessary removed without notice, in the following instances:

  • if they are not relevant to the contents published by the Normale or to the topic of the post to which they refer (the so-called “off topic” posts);
  • if they contain personal details or those of third parties, above all if sensitive, or other forms of violation of privacy, such as references to personal information or facts or other elements that could enable the identification of persons or that could cause damage to, or damage the reputation of, third parties;
  • if they constitute undesired messages of any kind (so-called “spam”);
  • if they are inserted repeatedly and/or with intent to disturb or provoke;
  • if they constitute publicity or promotion of commercial activities, products or private     services with a view to profit-making;
  • if they violate the authors' rights/copyright laws or if they utilise a registered brand improperly;
  • if they are used for the purposes of elections or propaganda;
  • if they contain threats, insults, profanity, or inappropriate, violent, vulgar, discriminatory or disrespectful language;
  • if they constitute contents with intent to deceive;
  • if they constitute alarmist contents;
  • if they constitute contents that are illicit or that incite others to commit illicit acts;
  • if they in any way whatsoever violate prevailing legislation, including that regarding respect for personal dignity, human rights and the principles of freedom and equality;
  • if they discriminate against gender, race, ethnicity, language, religious beliefs, political opinions, sexual orientation, age, or personal or social conditions;
  • if they are obscene or such as to offend common morality and the sensitivity of the users;
  • if the Normale considers, within the bounds of discretion, that they are in any case not opportune or are inappropriate to its own institutional aims and to those of communication.


The social media channels of the Normale are manned, as a rule, from Monday to Friday. The Normale undertakes to read all queries and messages and, when requested, to provide a reply in as short a time as possible.
Reply times vary in accordance with the type of request; with reference to contacts with users through the direct message apps arranged by each social network, The Administrator may put the user in touch with the competent structure.


We remind you that the processing of users' personal data within the social media platforms is  regulated by the terms of service of the platforms utilised (Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Instagram), which all users accept on registration and any time they use them.
The publication of contents and the other management activities on the part of the Normale in their official accounts on the social media are in compliance with EU Regulation  2016/679 of the European Parliament and that of the Council of 27 April 2016, (GDPR), and with Legislative Decree No. 196 of 30th June 2003,  containing the Code regarding the protection of personal data, and subsequent modifications and integrations thereto.
Data provided by users through private messages sent directly to the managers of the social media  channels will be processed in compliance with the Italian privacy laws.


Users can address their remarks to the following e-mail address: