Outgoing Internships

The Normale supports curricular and non-curricular internship activities in companies, organizations and institutions in Italy and abroad, as long as the registered office is in Italy.
Internship activities can be carried out to complete training, thesis work, for career guidance and job placement.


Internship allows for a practical experience  in an organisational context  (companies, institutions, organisations…) with differing aims: to complete the student's curricular preparation, find his  or her bearings, acquire or consolidate specific skills, enter or re-enter the world of work.
The principal subjects involved in an internship are the  intern, the academic tutor and the organising tutor. Their two reference points are the intern's institution of appurtenance  (the proposing organisation), which takes care of all the administrative aspects linked to the activation of the internship, and which at its conclusion formally recognises the course taken, and the organisational context  in which the internship takes place (the hosting organisation), the principal body responsible for the pursuit of the agreed educational objectives.
The hosting organisations can be companies,  public or private organisations in Italy, or else international organisations, diplomatic missions, cultural institutions or other organisations abroad, providing their legal head office is in Italy. In order to carry out an internship promoted by the Normale, there must first and foremost be an agreement  between the latter and the hosting organisation, and, if necessary,  a stipulation, putting the representatives  of the hosting organisation  in touch with those of the placement  representatives of the Normale. The draft agreement can be shared with the hosting organisation from the outset, and can be downloaded from the Forms  section.
Once the  agreement is sealed, the document that contains the conditions  of the internship and that defines all its formal and substantial  details is the educational plan, drawn up on the basis of the indications provided by the proposing organisation, signed by the intern, the academic tutor and the organising tutor, and validated by both organisations involved. With the educational plan, as a rule there is a preliminary agreement as to the methods of accountability of the activity carried out (such as time sheets, time-table of the goals achieved, final report and self-assessment on the part of the intern).

 Undergraduate and Ph.D. students can apply for curricular internships until the termination of their study course, independently of the attainment  of their degree.
Further information, reference documentation and the forms to be used are available in the tools section of the JobTeaser portal, under the item "outgoing curricular internships".

Former undergraduate students and former Ph.D. students can apply for non-curricular internships at hosting organisations with headquarters in Tuscany, up to 24 months from the attainment of their degree. The form to be used in this case can be downloaded from the tools section of SNS Career Service by JobTeaser, under the item "outgoing non-curricular internships", which also includes all the detailed information for the activation of this type of internship.
However, in the case of hosting organisations with headquarters in other regions, the specific regional regulations must first be consulted, taking into account possible  variations in the maximum deadlines permitted for the attainment of the degree.