Customised orientation and consultancy

The placement activities of the Scuola offer highly qualified support regarding  first level orientation as well as customized consultation on career choices


Since 2006 the Scuola Normale has provided an orientation consultancy service which supports and complements the placement activities designed for undergraduate and Ph.D. students.

The specialist consultations take place following an intervention of first level orientation, pitched at an informational and instrumental key (what you need to know and know how to do, to find alternatives).

The orientational consultations (second level specialist orientation) regard the following:

professional orientation (1-2)

  • identification and definition of an objective in consideration of the subject's course of studies, motivations and needs/values/interests
  • identification of possible alternatives
  • definition of an operational strategy

outplacement/re-orientation (1-2)

  • in-depth study/verification of the subject's choices in virtue of his or her self-awareness and a functional re-definition above all regarding the motivational aspects

skills assessment (4-6)

  • self-assessment and hetero-assessment, using tools and interview
  • assessment of the context
  • definition of the professional objectives and the relative strategies for pursuing them

career counselling (2-3)

  • analysis of the subjective obstacles that may inhibit the subject in the achievement of his or her personal/professional plan.

The orientation courses and the individual consultations are managed by specialised personnel operating in compliance with the professional ethical code defined by the Order of Psychologists (professional secrecy), and in compliance with prevailing privacy legislation and with the EU's GDPR.

To access the service you must make an appointment.

The interviews are conducted in a confidential manner; the location, which changes from one time to another, is given out only to those directly involved.

Further information and reference materials are available in the “tools” section of the SNS Career Service by JobTeaser.