Outgoing safety abroad

Safety abroad

The Scuola Normale aims to make members of its community going abroad for work, research or study, aware of the risks associated with their travels according to the different destinations and the reasons underlying their mobility.

For this purpose, the competent CRUI Committee has prepared and disseminated a useful document which can be downloaded from the links and documents of this page and which needs to be consulted beforehand by all those organizing a mobility abroad (or authorizing one) in order for them to assess the risks of the mission abroad.

The links section of this page also includes the link to the Italian government website Viaggiare Sicuri, constantly updated by the Ministero Affari Esteri e Cooperazione Internazionale (MAECI) about the risks associated with each country in the world. Those planning a mobility abroad must consult it in order to avoid proposing destinations that are risky or inadvisable; they are also obliged to keep up to date on the situation in the country of destination until the day before departure.

Future travellers can also download the document related to the health policy stipulated by the Scuola with the emergency phone number to call. The coverage offered by this policy will be active during work or study trips abroad providing they are authorized in advance. Before leaving, those planning to travel abroad, must always consult the MAECI website and contact the Insurance Company's operation centre at these numbers (from Italy 800083723 or +39-02-58245492 from abroad) to verify that the policy's validity is guaranteed and will not be rendered null and void due to the local situation in the country of destination.

For further information, links to the corresponding government websites of the UK, USA, and France are also included in the links section, in their turn providing up to date information.


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