Collaboration opportunities

Collaboration opportunities

Collaborations in SNS activities

Students have the opportunity to engage in paid collaborations regarding the activities that take place within the SNS, with the exception of those relating to teaching and  exams, as well as those related to administrative responsibility.
The available positions are assigned each year through a call that specifies: the characteristics of the collaborations, the service structures involved, the selection criteria, the hourly rate, the overall hourly commitment and the period involved.
Through these collaborations, the students come into direct contact with the organizational and operational aspects of the Normale, interacting with the technical staff, acquiring transversal skills, abandoning - albeit temporarily - the role of "users" and participating in the construction process of the support services for the various activities of the Normale.

The deadline for the submission of applications is set at May 3, 2022.

FSC Tuscany Region Funds - Call for "Orientare & Orientarsi" Collaborations 2022

Within the context of the FSC measures the Tuscany Region has funded the SNS project "Orientare & Orientarsi", relating to the activation of the following part-time collaborations:

  • 10 places for tutoring activities in person of the duration of 69 hours each to be carried out between the end of January and the end of June 2022
  • 20 places for online tutoring activities lasting 75 hours each to be held between the end of January and the end of June 2022

The aim is to formalise the constitution of a peer orientation network  within the community of the SNS nurturing awareness, dialogue and direct comparison between older and younger Normalisti.

Students of the undergraduate course (with the exception of those enrolled in the first year) and PhD students can apply.