Alumni and Mentoring

Mentoring is an invaluable support for the alumni of the Normale who choose to offer career choice support to the new generations. In this way they can renew their commitment and their connection with the community of the SNS.



Mentoring is an invaluable support for those who can benefit from it and hence discuss their experiences with other people, but it is also an important experience for those who offer their services as mentors and who can thus discover new meanings in the experiences they encounter.
In the context of the Normale – considering its special nature in terms of its community life and of its educational courses  – mentoring takes on an even deeper meaning, above all because it gives its members the opportunity to continue to consider themselves as being an active part of the community of the Normalisti.
For the mentees, the possibility to consult those who have already taken professional choices and courses –geared towards complex personal and professional objectives  –constitutes considerable support, both motivational and strategical, with the possibility to gain advice as to how to develop their strong points and deal with their weak points, widen the horizons of their objectives, find orientation, make choices, construct an extended professional network, and so on.
For the mentors, making themselves available to help young Normalisti is, among other things, an opportunity for them to develop their capacity for communication and leadership, to open up to new ways of thinking, and to reflect on the evolution of their fields of skill, starting from the study and research activities that are carried out today at the Normale.
In the context of the initiatives dedicated to the students and in which they are directly involved, mentoring enables new generations to gain the benefit of experts starting from their personal study and research interests and objectives.