student activities

Student activities

Every year students can make use of a fund dedicated to self-managed cultural and recreational activities that enrich their collegiate and community experience, adding the latter to their educational experience.
The fund is administered by a working group made up of "mayors", reference figures within the colleges, and by "ministers", in charge of the sectors of interest, elected annually by the students' assembly.
The ministries are: Ministry of Sport; Ministry of Cultural Activities; Ministry of Music; Ministry of Newspapers; Students' Forum; Ministry of the “Festa”.
Students at  the Florence branch also have an annual fund for cultural and recreational activities which is managed by one/two representatives.

In addition, a Working Group of students for the Third Mission was established in October 2020, open to students, alumni and alumnae of the SNS, to support the Third Mission Commission and the administrative structures of reference in the organization and implementation of Public Engagement initiatives.

The students' forum

The Students' Forum was created by a group of students who wanted to participate in the cultural activities of the SNS while helping students reflect on current reality as they move closer to the world of work.

The aforementioned activities are generally public meetings to which important public figures are invited to speak about their experiences.

These meetings are not organized as conferences but, as the name suggests, as forums where speakers and audience - students, professors and local residents - can interact.

The theatre group of the Scuola Normale

In 2013, on the initiative of Glenn W. Most, professor of Greek Philology, the students’ Theatre Group was established, the shows of which are entirely self-produced, from translations to music. The Group also Informative and specialist publications to its credit, and organises dissemination and training initiatives on the main aspects of classical theatre, staging workshops and translation workshops, intended for high school students. Since 2018, the Group has organized  theatre workshops at the Pisa prison, with inmates, organized by the " Sacchi di Sabbia" association. Since the same year, it has also organized FAcT (Festival of Academic Theatre), a theatrical series dedicated to university companies in Europe, which can perform, get to know each other and coordinate, with the aim of creating an artistic and organizational network.