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Financing opportunities

Contributions to the Manlio Brozzi Foundation onlus

The Associazione Amici della Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa (Association of Friends of the Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa) has received from the Fondazione Manlio Brozzi Onlus (the non-profit Manlio Brozzi Foundation of Grosseto), a donation of 10,000 euro for the funding of specific interventions in favour of students of the Scuola Normale Superiore in particularly serious situations of health, to permit them to proceed with their studies at the Scuola with greater ease.

In order to realise the full potential of the praiseworthy decision of the Fondazione Manlio Brozzi, the Associazione Amici, in agreement with the Director of the Scuola Normale and with his appointed head of the activities pertaining to disability and equal opportunity, has decided to distribute all or part of the sum available to students in particularly serious situations of health who apply for a grant with due justification.

Funding for Third Mission and Public Engagement activities by students of the SNS

Third mission is becoming more and more crucial in the civic duties of universities, in Italy and abroad: third mission includes all those activities that contribute to share with a wide audience the results of research and, more broadly, knowledge. Within the scope of third mission, we can list both traditional dissemination initiatives (such as conferences, public lectures, videos, outreach activities, etc.) and all those initiatives that are able to experiment new languages to engage directly the citizens and to produce culture: music, theatre, art, laboratory activities, cinema, contamination labs, education for and with schools, museums, archives, libraries are fields through which universities can and must create new channels to dialogue with citizens.

On the side of students, third mission is also an opportunity to open up to wider audiences than the SNS, as well as to apply our own knowledge and to test our own commitment. Moreover, it is an important tool for training and for professional orientation: creating and organizing new initiatives of public engagement allows to acquire new expertise in non academic fields, creates new networks with professionals not necessarily linked with scientific research, helps imagine possible future scenarios.

To offer the entire student community of the SNS the occasion to conceive, propose, organize, and create new ideas in the field of third missiona call for the funding of third mission activities conceived and organized by the SNS student has been issued for the second time since 2021.

The fundamental purpose of this call is to enhance the sharing and the participation of students in the SNS third mission. To do so, the call provides the students with a total budget up to 25,000€, that will be awarded to the most innovative and inclusive projects. Through its administration, the SNS will provide the organizers with all the necessary logistic and institutional support.

All the details are in the notice published here. The deadline for submitting proposals is May 18, 2023.