Condensed matter and quantum information theory group

Teaching activity:

The group contributes to the teaching activity of the SNS with a very well-structured series of courses for students of the undergraduate course, as well as for those of the PhD courses in Physics and Nanoscience:

Classical electrodynamics I,
Classical electrodynamics II,
Thermodynamics and statistical physics,
Introductory Quantum Physics,
Quantum Mechanics, Introduction to the Structure of Matter,
Quantum Information,
Quantum Technologies: systems and methods,
Condensed Matter Physics,
Seminar series - Condensed Matter Physics.


During the entire academic year 2018 an informal cycle of internal seminars on a weekly basis (Quo Vadis seminars) was activated to give space to the students of the group to present their works and report on works of common interest that have appeared in the literature (journal club ).


68 in total, of which: 45 produced and published in the 2018 calendar year; 20 produced and submitted in 2018 and officially published in 2019; 3 produced and submitted in 2018 but still currently being refereed.



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