Effective Field Theories II

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The course is aimed at 4th year master students.

Prerequisite: an introductory course on Quantum Field Theory, Effective Field Theories part I


General Relativity as an Effective Field Theory

Renormalization Group flows, fixed points and critical surfaces

The naturalness of the electroweak scale

Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking and the Goldstone Theorem

Non-linear realization of space-time symmetries 

The Effective Field Theory of Inflation

Educational aims

The objective of this course is to provide an introduction to the contemporary methodology of quantum Effective Field Theories (EFTs). Upon completion of the course, students will possess the knowledge and skills required to construct and utilize EFTs. Additionally, they will learn why EFTs today play an ubiquitous role in theoretical physics through the examination of various examples, including the Standard Model of particle physics, gravity, and the cosmology of the early universe.    

Bibliographical references

Steven Weinberg - The Quantum Theory of Fields, Volume 1, 2

Matthew Schwartz - Quantum Field Theory and the Standard Model

Riccardo Barbieri - Lectures on the Electroweak Interactions

Daniel Baumann, Liam McAllister - Inflation and String Theory