Machine Learning for the Life Sciences

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Students with no background in python are recommended to attend the course "Scientific Programming I: Data Processing and Software Prototyping" by Prof. Bloino


Application of Machine Learning algorithms in Bioinformatics and Life Sciences  (Dr. Raimondi)

1)      protein structure/function prediction using machine learning

2)      protein structure prediction using deep learning and co-evolution

3)      protein language models

4)      application of graph neural network for the prediction of biomolecular properties and interaction networks

5)      deep learning applications to genomics :DNA motif discovery

6)      deep learning applications to genomics: variant intepretation

7)      deep learning applications to genomics: single cell RNAseq analysis and interpretation

8)      practicals: a) functional predictions with protein language models;b) deep learning for genomics (Transcription factor binding prediction); c) multiomics data integration (python)

Educational aims

Aim of the course is to provide students with basic knowledge of both theoretical foundations and practical aspects of machine learning, with a particular focus on applications to bioinformatics and biology.

Bibliographical references

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Ad hoc selected scientific papers