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Department of Excellence of the Faculty of Sciences

The Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Sciences of the Normale have secured funding for the initiative “Dipartimenti di Eccellenza” (“Departments of Excellence”) 2018-2022 (set in motion with Law No. 232, Art. 1 of December 2016), thanks to their ranking and to the projects presented.

The Dipartimento di Eccellenza (“Department of Excellence”) (DipE) of the Faculty of Sciences aims to develop advanced lines of research and training in the computational sciences and in data science, favouring their integration with the other connected disciplinary fields. Starting from consolidated lines of research and from the most recent scientific results, the project envisages the development of four specific qualifying objectives:

  1. Enhancement of the research group in Financial Mathematics and the creation of a research group in Computational Sciences.
  2. The creation of a PhD course in Computational Sciences.
  3. The development and consolidation of training activities in Computational Sciences and their applications to Data Science, with an increase in the synergies between the research groups involved;
  4. The creation of a centralised infrastructure for high-performance calculation and Big Data.