The Historical Artistic Documentation Laboratory (DocStAr)


The Historical Artistic Documentation Laboratory (DocStAr)

The Historical Artistic Documentation Laboratory (DocStAr) was formed in 2013  from the merger of two previous laboratories ( LAV, the Laboratory for Visual Arts and LaRTTE, the Laboratory for Analysis, Research, Protection, Technologies and Economics for Cultural Heritage).

The DocStAr Laboratory carries out its research in the historical-artistic context, with continual chronological coverage from classical antiquity to the contemporary age. The documentary intent covers a wide range of topics and methodologies, ranging from non-invasive investigations on individual works to the creation of computerized files related to graphic and photographic collections of documents, letters and printed sources.

The term “historical-artistic” thus refers more to a method than to a proposal for a qualitative hierarchy, since the field of work of the preceding laboratories included the most diverse forms of visual communication.

At the same time, the activity of DocStAr is devoted to the study and critical dissemination of museums and other institutions housing collections, including complex territorial networks, through varied and differentiated modalities of communication enhancing the latest  digital technologies.

Lecturers and researchers of the Art History Seminar participate in the activities and projects of the laboratory with the aim of maintaining a fruitful relationship with the teaching activity and involving the students.