Laboratory for Multidisciplinary Strategies Applied to Research and Technology- SMART


Laboratory for Multidisciplinary Strategies Applied to Research and Technology


SMART comprises more than thirty members, including researchers, PhD students, post-docs and  technicians of the Normale, in addition to collaborators from other research organisations and  institutes.

SMART's research activity is mainly linked to Theoretical  Computational Chemistry and is essentially geared towards the development, validation and application of methodologies based on Quantum Mechanics and Statistical Thermodynamics to the study of complex molecular systems.

The theoretical  models and the computational approaches developed are  available to the entire scientific community and are utilised worldwide by both academe and industry.

The laboratory hosts the Centre for Virtual and Augmented Reality, which utilises immersive systems of the visualisation of heterogeneous types of data (complex molecular systems, reproductions of black holes, historical and archaeological reconstructions, simulations of space missions etc..) through interaction with natural interfaces, enabling better use, study and analysis of the data from the scientific and educational viewpoints and from that of dissemination.