Reasoning with imperfect information in social settings

Reasoning with imperfect information in social settings

Reasoning with imperfect information in social settings


THURSDAY 26 15.00-19.00

15.00 Marcello D’agostino (Università di Milano) [Invited speaker]
Tractable Depth-Bounded Approximations to FDE and its Satellites

16.15 Paolo Baldi (Università del Salento)
Logic-based Approximations of Evidence

17.00 Coffee Break

17.30 Francesca Doneda (Università di Milano)
A many-valued system for assessing trust in information contents under uncertainty

18.15 Andrea Sabatini (Scuola Normale Superiore)
A Proof-theoretic Approach to Belief Revision

FRIDAY 27 9.00-13.00

9.00 Gabriella Pigozzi (Université Paris-Dauphine) [Invited speaker]
An Agent-Based Model of MySide Bias in Scientific Debates

10.15 Carlo Proietti (CNR Genova)
Informational influence as a cause of (bi-) polarization? A simulative approach

11.00 Coffee Break

11.30 Felix Kopecky (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)
Inconsistent belief aggregation in diverse and polarised groups: A computational study

12.15 Wojtek Jamroga (Université du Luxembourg)
Playing to Learn, or to Keep Secret: Strategic Logic Meets Information Theory

13.00 Lunch Break

FRIDAY 27 15.00-18.15

15.00 Christian Strasser (Ruhr University Bochum) [Invited speaker]
Towards deontic explanations: deontic argumentation calculi

16.15 Caterina Sisti (Scuola Normale Superiore)
Variable-hypothetical conditionals

17.00 Coffee Break

17.30 Jan Sprenger (Università di Torino)
Probabilistic Reasoning with Non-Monotonic Conditionals

SATURDAY 28 9.00-13.00

9.00 Réka Markovich (Université du Luxembourg) [Invited speaker]
Deontic Logic for Epistemic Rights

10.15 Matteo Michelini (Ruhr University Bochum & TU Eindhoven)
More Than Social Imitation: Why Solving Disagreements May Improve The Performance Of Epistemic Communities

11.00 Coffee Break

11.30 Lorenzo Casini (IMT School for Advanced Studies)
Bias, Conflict of Interest, and the Principle of Total Evidence

12.15 Chris Fermüller (TU wien)
Judgment Aggregation with Graded Deontic Logics

Programme Committee

  • Mario Piazza
  • Caterina Sisti
  • Matteo Tesi
  • Pietro Vigiani
  • Gustavo Cevolani
  • Andrea Sereni
  • Marcello D’agostino
  • Gabriella Pigozzi
  • Christian Strasser

Invited Speakers

  • Marcello D’Agostino
  • Réka Markovich
  • Gabriella Pigozzi
  • Christian Straßer

Contributed talks

  • Paolo Baldi
  • Lorenzo Casini
  • Francesca Doneda
  • Chris Fermüller
  • Wojtek Jamroga
  • Felix Kopecky
  • Matteo Michelini
  • Carlo Proietti
  • Andrea Sabatini
  • Caterina Sisti
  • Jan Sprenger


  • Mario Piazza
  • Caterina Sisti
  • Matteo Tesi
  • Pietro Vigiani

Funded by MUR_PRO3_2021-23_CONG_PIAZZA