Disciplinary Board

Disciplinary competence relating to full professors and professors and to researchers is exercised, in accordance with the procedures set out in art. 10 of Law no. 240/2010, by the Disciplinary Board, set up within the School with an investigation function.

The Disciplinary Board remains in office for three years and is composed of:

  • a full professor in judicial matters, including those external to the SNS, who is its president;
  • four full professors;
  • four associate professors;
  • four university researchers.

In addition, a substitute member is nominated for each of the above mentioned categories.

Composition of the Disciplinary Board 2022-2025


Emanuele Rossi, full professor of Constitutional Law at the SNS Superiore Sant'Anna

Substitute President

Alfredo Fioritto, full professor of Administrative Law at the University of Pisa

Effective members:

  • Simona Forti, full professor Area 14
  • Fabio Beltram, full professor Area 02
  • Fosca Giannotti, full professor Area 01
  • Silvio Pons, full professor Area 11
  • Federico Cremisi, associate professor Area 05
  • Simona Gallerani, associate professor Area 02
  • Lorenzo Bartalesi, associate professor Area 11
  • Lucia Simonato, associate professor Area 10
  • Alberto Lusiani, researcher Area 02
  • Luca D’Ascia, researcher Area 10
  • Scognamillo Renata, researcher Area 01
  • Luna Concetta Ester Lucia, researcher Area 10

Substitute members:

  • Franco Flandoli, full professor Area 01
  • Chiara Cappelli, associate professor Area 03
  • Alessandra Caraceni, researcher Area 01