Scholarships with a specific research topic and site


Some scholarships in PhD courses are aimed at developing a specific research topic; candidates applying for these places are required to hold particular skills that will be evaluated by the selection committees. Candidates selected for the scholarships with a specific research topic will largely pursue their research at the site of the institution which grants the scholarship. Below you can find the specific topics and the conditions of the scholarships.

Candidates interested in one or more of the scholarships with an assigned research topic must specify their choice in the application process. Candidates who apply for the assigned topic are considered automatically applicants also for the general PhD course.

PhD in Nanoscience: n.1 scholarship in cooperation with CNR-Nano, on the topic “Low resolution models and multi-scale simulations of low dimensional systems with complex surfaces and interfaces”.

PhD in Physics: n.1 scholarship on the project ERC "Asymow".