The Archives Centre


The Archives Centre of the Normale was opened in October 2013 for the conservation, protection, enhancement and development of the ample documentary heritage of the Scuola Normale.

Besides the historical archives of the Normale – arranged for the first time in 1988 –  and a part of the Collegio Puteano collection, the Archives Centre currently hosts numerous archives of nineteenth and twentieth century cultural personalities, acquired thanks to bequests, gifts and deposits but above all through a focused and attentive acquisition policy. Many collections come from figures linked to the Scuola, some of whom were students or lecturers; we need only mention the collections of its various directors: Enrico Betti, Alessandro D'Ancona, Ulisse Dini, Luigi Bianchi and Gilberto Bernardini.

The Archives Centre guarantees access to the heritage it conserves, limited to the ordered material that is not subject to restrictions imposed by prevailing regulations.

Prof. Federica Maria Giovanna Cengarle - President of the Archives Centre