The General and Institutional Affairs Service


The General and Institutional Affairs Office supports and assists the collegial governing authorities of the Scuola, and manages agreements.

Main activities

* Support to the Director for institutional activities and those relating to the functioning and management of the collegial governing authorities, support to the General Secretary in the role of minute-taking secretary for the sessions of the collegial governing authorities (preparation for the sessions, minute-taking and dissemination, etc.).
* Support to the competent offices in the preparation, drafting/editing, approval and stipulation of contracts, agreements, and protocols, including contracts of donation and those regarding real estate, with the sole exception of procurement contracts.
* Support to the competent offices in the management and control of the bodies in which the Scuola takes part (companies, consortiums, foundations, associations).
* Drafting and preparation of the regulations and general deeds of the Scuola
* Organisation and management of the elections of internal and external authorities.
* Appointment procedures.
* Management of the internal communication system (“Informa” web portal).
* Management of the formal right of access to administrative documents.
* Co-ordination regarding Privacy.
* Activities linked to the safeguarding of the Scuola's brands.
* Operative support for activities inherent to transparency and the prevention of corruption.