The Heritage and Reception Service


The Heritage and Reception Service manages the general services, spaces and logistic support activities. It manages hospitality structures for students, personnel and external guests.

Main activities

* Planning and drafting of the technical documents, management and checking of services contracted to external subjects and of those carried out by internal staff for the institutional buildings (cleaning, porter's lodges and security guard service, gardening, switchboard, surveillance, security, ordinary and special waste disposal, with the exclusion of specific waste produced by research laboratories, etc.).
* Drafting of the technical documents for the acquisition of furnishings and furnishing accessories, and their management and maintenance. Checking of the state of the spaces, and of their furnishings and furnishing accessories.
* In charge of the logistics in terms of physical, computer and organisational management of movable property, including automobiles, and co-ordination of the services necessary for the said activities such as porterage and transport.
* Support to the Prevention and Protection Office for the distribution of safety devices and the putting up of information notices.
*  Administrative support to the management of tenders and supplies relating to the Catering Service.
* Drafting of technical documents and management of concessions.
* Management of utilities.
* Applications for ZTL (Limited Traffic Zones) and vehicle entrance permits etc.
* Support for the policies regarding assignation and fitting up of the spaces in relation to their intended use.
* Management of insurance policies.
* Management of warehouses, management of inventory of movable property and unloading.
* Planning and management of the reception services, activities regarding the assignation of lodgings to students and external guests, planning, management and checking of the services contracted to external subjects and those carried out by internal staff for the buildings designated for hospitality and the hosting of guests (cleaning, porter's lodges, laundry, breakfasts, etc.).
* Management of the complementary services for students linked to their daily and collegial life (cultural, recreational and sports activities, etc.).
* Unitary management of the issuing of the authorisation badges for access to the various services of the Scuola for lecturers, students, researchers, technicians, administrative personnel and the various categories of visitors to the Scuola.
* Activities correlated to photocopying and the advanced services of document reproduction, management of the printers of the Scuola and of the printers of the central administration.
* Management of the institutional classrooms and lecture halls and ordinary maintenance of the related technological apparatus.
* Acquisition and distribution of meal vouchers for the technical and administrative personnel of the Scuola.
* Management of the services relating to videosurveillance installations in compliance with prevailing regulations and agreements.