IT Security Office

The IT Security Office oversees IT security of the Scuola Normale.

Main activities

  • Design and management of ICT security systems and the safeguarding of the SNS's critical data.
  • Collection, analysis and correlation of logs and events in the security field, analysis of the security of flows generated by services and applications.
  • Analysis of security bulletins issued by the most accredited sources and by suppliers of technologies in use by the IT services of the central administration.
  • Management of security incidents and related obligations.
  • Support for IT risk analysis, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration testing (possibly with the collaboration of third parties).
  • Promotion of the improvement of the IT security approach among the staff and the community of the SNS through guidelines, procedures, checks and training/information activities.
  • Monitoring the compliance of the systems and procedures with the regulations (eg. Minimum Security Measures for ICT services of the PA), timely identification of any critical issues and preparation of operational guidelines.
  • Collaboration with other structures that deal with IT for the design of infrastructures and services, with reference to IT security aspects.