The Teaching Activities Service


The Teaching Activities Service organises and manages the teaching curriculum of the Scuola Normale and the relative administrative activities and services; it also supports the authorities of the academic structures.


Main Activities

* Support for the Deans of the Faculties of the Pisa site for institutional activities and those related to the functioning and management of the Faculty Councils.
* Support for the organisation and management of the teaching activities of the Pisa site (educational programming of the Faculties, invitations, seminars, educational visits, etc.).
* Management of the basic services (classrooms and timetables) in support of the teaching activities of the Pisa site.
* Accreditation of the PhD courses and management of the related data banks.
* Support for the initial and periodic accreditation procedures of the Scuola.
  Agreements for the funding of doctorate scholarships and for the creation of supplementary educational courses

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