Theoretical Physics of Fundamental Interactions


  • Roberto Contino
    Full professor

The interests and research areas of this group are:
i) Phenomenology of elementary particles;
ii) Cosmology and astroparticle physics;
iii) Supergravity, String Theory, Field Theory;
iv) High spin.

The group is made up of permanent members, visitors, fellows and postgraduate students.
We work closely with the Astrophysics group of the Scuola Normale and with the Theoretical Physics group of the INFN of Pisa, of which we are members.

Our external sources of funding are:

  1. INFN, projects PI21PD51 and TV12;
  2. EU, contracts EU ITN "Unification in the LHC Era", contract PITN-GA-2009- 237920 (UNILHC)
  3. ERC Grant n. (SUPERFIELDS), P.I. S. Ferrara (CERN), Scientist in Charge of the INFN portion A. Sagnotti
  4. MIUR-PRIN - 2008XM9HLM_001 [ Coord. Naz Riccardo Barbieri]
  5. MIUR-PRIN 2009-KHZKRX  (Coord. Naz. A. Sagnotti).


Our group organizes every year in Pisa a series of seminars on Fundamental Physics, funded in part by INFN and a one week conference.

Research activities

Phenomenology of Elementary Particles
The building and analysis of theoretical models of electroweak symmetry breaking, with particular attention to the so-called "small hierarchy" problem, that is the apparent discrepancy between the mass of the Higgs boson and the lower energy scale at which the Standard Model can be changed, as indirectly suggested by the electro-weak accuracy tests.

The building and analysis of hadronic and lepton models of flavour, in the context of unified theories and/or horizontal symmetries, with particular attention to the problem of flavours in theories with additional space-time dimensions.

The study of new supersymmetry breaking mechanisms in theories with further space-time dimensions and their implications for phenomenology.

Cosmology and Astro-Particle Physics
The study of the connection between various extensions of the Standard Model of elementary particles and the current cosmological model.

Research products

  • I. Basile, J. Mourad and A. Sagnotti, ``On Classical Stability with Broken Supersymmetry,'' JHEP 01 (2019), 174.
  • A. Sagnotti, "The Incomplete Revolutions of String Theory" Il Nuovo Saggiatore 35, n.3 (2019) 47. R.
  • Antonelli and I. Basile, ``Brane annihilation in non-supersymmetric strings,'' JHEP 11 (2019), 021. R.
  • Antonelli, I. Basile and E. Hatefi, ``On All-Order Higher-Point Dp-Dpbar Effective Actions” JCAP 10 (2019), 041. R.
  • Antonelli, I. Basile and A. Bombini, ``AdS Vacuum Bubbles, Holography and Dual RG Flows,'' Class. Quant. Grav. 36 (2019) no.4, 045004.
  • E. Hatefi, ``All order alpha' corrections to fermionic couplings of D-brane-Anti-D-brane effective actions,'' JCAP 05 (2019), 044.
  • G. Franciolini, L. Hui, R. Penco, L. Santoni and E. Trincherini “Stable wormholes in scalar-tensor theories” JHEP 01 (2019) 221
  • G. Franciolini, L. Hui, R. Penco, L. Santoni, E. Trincherini “Effective Field Theory of Black Hole Quasinormal Modes in Scalar-Tensor Theories” JHEP 02 (2019) 127
  • D.L. Nacir, F.D. Mazzitelli, L.G. Trombetta “To the sphere and back again: de Sitter infrared correlators at NTLO in 1/N” JHEP 08 (2019) 052 R.
  • Contino, A. Mitridate, A. Podo, M. Redi “Gluequark Dark Matter” JHEP 02 (2019) 187
  • C. Gross, A. Mitridate, M. Redi, J. Smirnov, A. Strumia “Cosmological Abundance of Colored Relics” Phys.Rev.D 99 (2019) 1, 016024
  • D. Buttazzo, L. Di Luzio, G. Landini, A. Strumia, D. Teresi “Dark Matter from self-dual gauge/Higgs dynamics” JHEP 10 (2019) 067
  • R. Barbieri, R. Ziegler “Quark masses, CKM angles and Lepton Flavour Universality violation” JHEP 07 (2019) 023
  • K. Agashe, J.H. Collins, P. Du, S. Hong, D. Kim et al. “Dedicated Strategies for Triboson Signals from Cascade Decays of Vector Resonances” Phys.Rev.D 99 (2019) 7, 075016

We study the theory of fundamental interactions between the constituents of matter and the physics of the early Universe.


-Seminars conferences and workshops held by members of the group in 2019

  • CMB and Large Scale Structure of the Universe, Monteporzio Catone, January 2019.
  • Celebration for the 61th Anniversary of CPht-Ecole Polytechnique, Paris, January 2019
  • La Thuile 2019, La Thuile, March 2019 Universum, Milan, April 2019
  • IFAE 2019, Incontri di Fisica delle Alte Energie, Napoli, April 2019
  • ASI/COSMOS Meeting on LambdaCDM, U. Roma Tor Vergata, May 2019
  • Gravity and Other Fields Under the Volcano, Catania, June 2019 24th Rencontres Itzykson, Paris, June 2019
  • Higgs Hunting 2019, Orsay-Paris, July 2019
  • QFC2019 Quantum gases, fundamental interactions and cosmology, Pisa, October 2019
  • Julia Fest - Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, December 2019 - Organizzazione di Scuole: GGI Lectures on the Theory of Fundamental Interactions (E. Trincherini)


  • PRIN2017, Supersymmetry Breaking with Fields, Strings and Branes (Responsabile nazionale A. Sagnotti)
  • PRIN2017, New Avenues in Strong Dynamics: from the Early Universe to the Lab (Responsabile nazionale R. Contino) Grant SNS “Progetti di ricerca annuali e biennali 2019”. Titolo progetto: "Probing the Dark Universe through Gravitational Waves” (Responsabile E. Trincherini)

-Third mission:

E. Trincherini “Energia Oscura” per la collana divulgativa “Viaggio nell’Universo” (a cura di Andrea Ferrara)


Supergravity, String Theory and Field Theory
The study of "brane-worlds" models, of String Theory at the perturbative level, with particular attention to the possible breaking mechanisms of supersymmetry, of quantum gravity, of aspects of the Field Theory at a non-perturbative level and of the Field Theory of High Spin. The programme will be developed by Massimo Porrati as part of the 5097 48 ''SAG@SNS' project, “Strings and Gravity at the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa”, by Augusto Sagnotti and Franco Strocchi.