Algebraic geometry. Number theory

Problems of Number Theory, algebro-geometric and diophantine in particular.

Internal SNS project "Some applications of the theory of algebraic stacks", from July 2019 to September 2021. The group contributed to the organization of the "Seminar of algebraic and arithmetic geometry in Pisa". Seminars in Princeton, Rochester, ICTP Trieste, Dresden, Basel, organization of cenference JNT Cetraro+ SNS Cetraro summer school.

Research products

  1. Polychromatic emission in a wide energy range from InP-InAs-InP multi-shell nanowires 2019 Battiato, S.; Wu, S.; Zannier, V.; Bertoni, A.; Goldoni, G.; Li, A.; Xiao, S.; Han, X. D.; Beltram, F.; Sorba, L.; Xu, X.; Rossella, F.
  2. Ionic-Liquid Gating of InAs Nanowire-Based Field-Effect Transistors 2019 Lieb, Johanna; Demontis, Valeria; Prete, Domenic; Ercolani, Daniele; Zannier, Valentina; Sorba, Lucia; Ono, Shimpei; Beltram, Fabio; Sacépé, Benjamin; Rossella, Francesco
  3. Thermoelectric Conversion at 30 K in InAs/InP Nanowire Quantum Dots 2019 Prete, D.; Erdman, P. A.; Demontis, V.; Zannier, V.; Ercolani, D.; Sorba, L.; Beltram, F.; Rossella, F.; Taddei, F.; Roddaro, S.
  4. Charge localization and reentrant superconductivity in a quasi-ballistic InAs nanowire coupled to superconductors 2019 Estrada Saldana, J. C.; Zitko, R.; Cleuziou, J. P.; Lee, E. J. H.; Zannier, V.; Ercolani, D.; Sorba, L.; Aguado, R.; De Franceschi, S.
  5. Strong modulations of optical reflectance in tapered core-shell nanowires 2019 Floris, F.; Fornasari, L.; Bellani, V.; Marini, A.; Banfi, F.; Marabelli, F.; Beltram, F.; Ercolani, D.; Battiato, S.; Sorba, L.; Rossella, F.
  6. A variant of the Mordell-Lang conjecture 2019 Ghioca, D.; Hu, F.; Scanlon, T.; Zannier, U.
  7. Hyperelliptic continued fractions and generalized jacobians 2019 Zannier, U.
  8. Composite factors of binomials and linear systems in roots of unity 2019 Dvornicich, R.; Zannier, U.
  9. On multiplicative dependence of values of rational functions and a generalization of the Northcott theorem 2019 Ostafe, A.; Sha, M.; Shparlinski, I. E.; Zannier, U.
  10. Arithmetic properties of quadratic exponential polynomials 2019 Shparlinski, I. E.; Zannier, U.
  11. Niels Borne, Angelo Vistoli: Fundamental gerbes, Algebra Number Theory 13, 531-576, 2019.
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